Round End Music refresh.

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Round End Music

A full revision of my previous Round End Music plugin.

Provides a fancy little queueing system to minimize download waste, and exposes a bunch of forwards to allow custom source connectors (e.g., you can pull songs off of a database or a flat file), and some for handling playback.

I wrote this a while ago and intended to use it to replace the hacked-on build of the end round music plugin I was originally running, but it never really got there for one reason or another.

Since I've pretty much superceded this and my previous plugin with a new streaming-based plugin, might as well push this one out publicly.

However, this is still...

A "CSRD Internal" Plugin

This is a plugin mainly intended for use in Pikachu's Canadian Server of Romance and Drama.

While I'm happy if you find some useful code for your own plugins, I can't provide any support for said code, nor will I offer any guarantees that the plugin will remain usable outside of its main use.