A custom implementation of Simple Chat Processor (Redux) for cleanliness and various fixes.

Updated 3 months ago

Random taunts for bots!

Updated 5 months ago

Scripts to render TF2 schema info to HTML.

Updated 7 months ago

Utility to dump game netprops and datamaps for further processing.

Updated 7 months ago

Fix for players getting softlocked in unassigned state.

Updated 8 months ago

Patches in-binary strings so they practically don't exist.

Updated 10 months ago

Allows a bot to switch places with a player on the opposite team if teams are balanced.

Updated 1 year ago

Helper plugin to place tributes to Rick May on maps that don't support it.

Updated 2 years ago

A custom achievement API for Team Fortress 2.

Updated 3 years ago

Personal implementation of the SourceCBL plugin, whose service has since been shut down.

Updated 3 years ago

A fork of Dr. McKay's Bot Manager, now deprecated.

Updated 3 years ago

Provides bot names to the Bot Manager from a local database.

Updated 3 years ago

Restarts the server when it's lived past a certain amount of time.

Updated 4 years ago

Minor quality-of-life improvements for extended humiliation rounds.

Updated 5 years ago

Round End Music refresh.

Updated 5 years ago