Random taunts for bots!

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Bot Taunt Randomizer

Patches the game's taunt handling so bots are able to use taunt items.

This is a cleaner patch compared to the one that was originally in Bot Weapon Randomizer.

The plugin does a few things:

  • The taunt command handler is pre-hooked and the plugin forces a non-zero taunt slot on bots (equivalent to running taunt (1...8)) when no partner is nearby. This will always result in a call to CTFPlayer::PlayTauntSceneFromItem(). Normal taunts (e.g. taunt 0) will always use the weapon taunt.
  • CTFPlayer::PlayTauntSceneFromItem() is pre-hooked for a null check; if a null pointer was passed in then the plugin will create a taunt item and set the argument to that instead.


A "CSRD Internal" Plugin

This is a plugin mainly intended for use in Pikachu's Canadian Server of Romance and Drama.

While I'm happy if you find some useful code for your own plugins, I can't provide any support for said code, nor will I offer any guarantees that the plugin will remain usable outside of its main use.