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-# \0String Patch
+# \0~~S~~tring Patch
 Patches in-binary strings to start with the null terminator, primarily intended so they never
 get displayed in the server console (for things that MM:S / SM can't reach, like the Steam
@@ -14,3 +14,12 @@ Copy `str0.example.ini` to `str0.ini`, add your sections, then run `python3 str0
 shut those "RecordSteamInterfaceCreation" messages up for good.
 Additional configuration files may be provided by passing `-c ${CONFIGFILE}` to the script.
+## Dealing with autoupdates
+`incrontab` works great for automatically patching binaries after game updates.  Add the
+following entry:
+/path/containing/bin	IN_MOVED_TO	python3 /path/to/ $@/$# -c /path/to/config.ini

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 Finds the location of strings and patches the first character to the null terminator,
 preventing the messages from being displayed in the server console.
-This can be executed while the server is running (on Linux, may not be successful on Windows).
+This can be executed while the server is running (on Linux; may not be successful on Windows).
-# to automatically patch after game updates use the following incron:
-# /path/to/binary IN_CLOSE_WRITE,loopable=true python3 /path/to/ $@/$# -c /path/to/config.txt
 import argparse
 import ast
 import configparser