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Extended Humiliation Round Fixes

Minor quality-of-life improvements for extended humiliation rounds by performing a few things:

  1. Hides the round win panel 5 seconds after the round is over. Pairs well with an end-round Prop Hunt system as it prevents the win panel from covering up a good amount of the screen for the rest of the humiliation period.
  2. Hides player health. "The losers are all too concerned with trying to escape the victors that they don't notice how much health they have left" is what I'd like to think.

A "CSRD Internal" Plugin

This is a plugin mainly intended for use in Pikachu's Canadian Server of Romance and Drama.

While I'm happy if you find some useful code for your own plugins, I can't provide any support for said code, nor will I offer any guarantees that the plugin will remain usable outside of its main use.